The Best Books on Fitness Nutrition

People who regularly engage in moderate to vigorous fitness activities require additional nutritional support. The best fitness nutrition books use the expertise of health care and fitness practitioners, as well as scientific research, to support their suggestions and guidelines.

  1. Good Fitness Nutrition Equals Training Success

    • Athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts must be attentive to their specific fitness nutrition requirements to ensure a successful fitness program. A nutritionally balanced eating plan allows the body to build a generally sound physical foundation for sustained fitness activity. It also provides the necessary fuel and nutrients to the recovery and rebuilding processes of the body after prolonged physical exertion. The following books offer expert fitness nutrition advice and resources that tell you what you should be eating, how much you should eat and how often.

    Master Your Metabolism: The Three Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body

    • Jillian Michaels, fitness trainer and TV personality, outlines her three step process for improving weightloss, preventing fat storage and maintaining a stable weight in her latest book, "Master Your Metabolism: The Three Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body." Her book describes recommended foods, their qualities and benefits in detail. Michaels also gives readers meal plans, menus and online resources to use with her guide.

    The Real Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat

    • In "The Real Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat," Dr. Michael F. Roizen, who co-authors the YOU series of book with Dr. Mehmet Oz, shows readers how to develop eating habits that will keep them younger--meaning physically active and healthy--longer. He outlines the best foods to eat and explains how a high nutrient and low calorie diet provides long term health benefits. He also devotes several sections to how exercise benefits the body and how the body uses food during exercise.

    American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide 3rd Edition

    • The American Dietetic Association has compiled one of the most comprehensive nutrition guides available. The "American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide" covers the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, nutrition as it relates to disease prevention and control, and devotes an entire chapter to nutrition for athletes.

    A Healthier You

    • "A Healthier You" is a publication of the Department of Health and Human Services. It also includes recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as well as advice for balancing the guidelines with physical activity. The book features tips for weight management, eating out, making food choices and recipes. The entire book is available online as a series of PDF documents or may be ordered from the government's online bookstore.

    Exercise and Sport Nutrition: Principles, Promises, Science, and Recommendations

    • Subtitled the "Ultimate Training and Nutrition Guide to Optimal Health Fitness and Performance," the book "Exercise and Sports Nutriton Principles, Promises, Science, and Recommendations" offers readers science and clinical evidence to support its fitness nutrtion and training recommendations. Authored by seveal doctors, some former athletes themselves, the books discusses a range of topics, supplements, herbs, vitamins, various approaches to diet, such as high carb versus low carb, and more in relationship to how diet effects physical health and sports performance.

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