What Is a Torn Plantar Fascia?


When the plantar fascia ligament in your foot is torn, this is considered a fascia rupture and is much more serious than plantar fasciitis, which involves small tears to the tissue.


The plantar fascia is the thick, connective, fibrous tissue band that extends along the bottom of your foot. It is made up of collagen, water, glycosaminoglycans and elastin. Repetitive trauma and stress to the fascia can result in tears and this makes the collagen fibers separate and unravel.


When this happens, the body tries to repair the damage by sending cells to the injured site to heal the tissue and this can result in inflammation. If collagen production occurs and closes the gaps between the torn tissues, the tear may heal on its own. However, if you re-injure the plantar fascia, its structural components will start to deteriorate and aren’t able to repair themselves.

Torn Ligament

The tear to the plantar fascia ligament can be the result of repetitive stress on the foot that results in the ligament becoming extremely taut, causing it to pull away from the heel bone, according to Heel-that-pain.com. Runners frequently have this problem.


When tears occur in the plantar fascia, this can result in inflammation in the ligament, which can make your foot ache. The pain may radiate throughout your entire foot. Orthoinfo.com explains that poor body mechanics (how you are moving) can result in an overstretched fascia. This can lead to tears and in a worst case scenario a tear or rupture of the ligament. If your shoes don’t fit properly and provide enough cushioning, you are at risk for developing this condition.

Other Contributing Factors

If you are overweight, or suddenly gain a lot of weight, this can cause injury to your plantar fascia.

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