What Do Scabies Sores Look Like?


Scabies is a skin condition caused by microscopic parasites. The parasites burrow underneath the skin and lay eggs. The parasites' eggs and their feces cause the skin to have an allergic reaction, and the symptoms of scabies result.


  • Sores appear as a result of scabies. They come in the forms of red bumps, swelling, blisters, scabs and lines of sores. The sores are directly caused by the mites burrowed in the tunnels and the scratching as a result of those tunnels.

Red Bumps

  • The first signs of scabies are red bumps that resemble pimples or bug bites. The bumps cause intense itching.

Rash and Swelling

  • The itching becomes so intense the affected area becomes swollen and red with rash. The individual will find it nearly impossible to fight the urge to scratch.


  • It is common for the scabies sores to blister. The intense itching and scratching leads to blisters, which eventually can produce pus or scab over.

Lines and Patches

  • The red bumps, rash and sores can cluster together to form a patch of blisters, or they commonly line up to look like curving tracks.

Treatment of Sores

  • The sores left behind from scabies will eventually go away, but bathing in tea tree oil and applying Calamine lotion to rashes, blisters and infected areas will help relieve discomfort. To treat scabies parasites, a prescription medication is required from your doctor.

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