Is it Possible to Have a Child That Has Type B Blood If Both of Your Parents Have Type A Blood?

There are a set range of possibilities for the blood type of children. This range is determined by what type of blood the parents have and what two specific genes make up that blood.

  1. Types

    • Blood cells can have either of two antigens called agglutinogens on their surface. These agglutinogens are labeled A and B, and the four combinations make blood types: A, B, AB and O.


    • Children inherit genes from their parents, with each parent contributing one of each chromosome. For blood type, each parent contributes an A, B or O gene for the agglutinogens.

    Type A

    • People with type A blood either have two A genes or an A gene and an O gene. If both parents have type A blood, the child will get some combination of A and O genes.

    Type B

    • In order to have type B blood, a child would need at least one parent to have a B gene, either from type B blood or type AB blood.

    Possible Blood Types

    • A child whose parents both have type A blood will end up with either type A blood or type O blood. Their two genes will either be AA, AO or OO.

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