Organic Herbs for Dipping Oil

Flavored dipping oil is hugely popular in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. In the American culture it is gaining in popularity as benefits of using herb-infused dipping oils becomes more well-known.

  1. Organic Herbs

    • Several species of organic herbs can be used successfully in dipping oils. Commonly used are: basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, dill or a combination of these.


    • Fresh herbs may be infused (added to virgin olive oil) for the nicest presentation and freshest flavor. Dried herbs are an optimal substitute if preferred or if fresh herbs are not available.


    • Savory herbal dipping oil may be used on sandwiches or for dipping artisan-style breads.


    • The Mediterranean lifestyle includes increased dietary consumption of olive oil, and herb-infused dipping oil, in place of standard butter, margarine or other cooking oils. Studies suggest this may be of significance to improved heart health.


    • Dipping oil made with fresh organic herbs should be refrigerated after infusing to prevent possible spoilage. Homemade dipping oil should be used within two weeks.

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