Information on Pregnancy in Female Boxer Dogs

A female boxer carries her puppies for two months before giving birth.
A female boxer carries her puppies for two months before giving birth. (Image: Image by, courtesy of Hawkins)

A female boxer dog enters her first heat cycle at nine to 12 months of age. With tail raised, she attracts potential mates and pregnancy can occur. There are several important things to know about pregnancy in female boxer dogs.


A boxer dog’s body will change with pregnancy. She will get bigger, heavier and hungrier. More carbohydrates and minerals must be introduced to her diet, and she will eat about three times more food than usual.


A pregnant boxer’s nipples will get stiffer and larger. This is to prepare for feeding the puppies when they are born. She can have anywhere from three to 12 puppies at a time.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are common for pregnant boxer dogs, as well as becoming more dominant. Her unstable disposition occurs toward other dogs and humans.


Unlike the nine months it takes for a human to develop, it takes only 60 days for puppies to develop and be born. A veterinarian can confirm a pregnancy with blood tests or an ultrasound.


Don’t increase her vitamin A or D intake because this could lead to birth defects. Also, any type of discharge is not normal and must be treated immediately.

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