Labia Minora HPV Symptoms


HPV symptoms can show up anywhere on women. Genital warts, which are common with the virus, appear in many places, including the labia minora. Knowing what symptoms to look for is important information for women.


  • There are hundreds of different strains of HPV, but only about 30 cause genital warts on areas like the labia minora, according to


  • Genital warts take on many different appearances. They can be rough, smooth, cauliflower-like, pearly, brown or white. For women, the easiest place to see them is on the labia minora.


  • Women typically experience genital HPV warts inside, or close to, the vaginal opening, including the labia minora.

Other Symptoms

  • Sometimes women cannot see their vaginal warts on the labia minora. Other symptoms they might have include bleeding after intercourse and irregular vaginal discharge.

Little-Known Fact

  • Some people carry an HPV genital wart virus but show no symptoms. Not only does the labia minora look perfectly normal, so does the inside of the vaginal canal and cervix. These individuals can still spread the virus to sexual partners.

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