What Do Abdominal Adhesions Feel Like?


Abdominal adhesions are fibrous bands of tissue that sometimes form after surgery. Like scar tissue, these bands of tissue can vary in size and location. Adhesions can go unnoticed or can feel like symptoms of other conditions.

Fibrous Bands

  • Abdominal adhesions cause internal tissues and organs to become bound together. Symptoms can arise when the natural movement of these organs becomes limited due to the fibrous bands.


  • The most common symptom of abdominal adhesions is pain in the abdomen. This can range from a vague feeling of discomfort to intense pain.


  • Pain from abdominal adhesions is difficult to diagnose and may mimic other conditions. Pelvic pain caused by abdominal adhesions may initially be diagnosed as reproductive problems in females.


  • Mild digestive concerns, such as bloating and constipation, may be caused by abdominal adhesions near the intestines.

Intestional Blockage

  • If the adhesion causes an intestinal blockage, the symptoms can include vomiting, bleeding, and severe abdominal pain. A medical health professional should be consulted immediately whenever severe abdominal pain occurs.


  • Sometimes the adhesions cause infertility in females. Adhesions inside the fallopian tubes may also cause tubal pregnancies.

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