Face Rash in Children


There are many possible reasons for a facial rash on a child. Sometimes a facial rash is an early sign of an illness, but other times it is the main characteristic of a condition. Here are some conditions related to facial rash.


  • Children get vaccinated against measles but still can contract it. A red rash on the face develops after three or four days of having measles and quickly spreads. It lasts about seven days.


  • If rubella is contracted, a pink/red rash on the cheeks will appear and spread. Improvement is seen after four days.

Scarlet Fever

  • With scarlet fever, a red, flushed face develops, along with sore throat. The rash and flushed face is not serious and goes away on its own.

Fifth Disease

  • Fifth disease causes the child's cheeks to be very red. With heat or exercise, the rash will appear much brighter and might itch more. The child isn't contagious once the rash presents itself.


  • Milia is a facial rash in infants characterized by yellow or white bumps. They go away on their own in time and are not contagious.


  • Eczema is a very common rash that can be on the face or other parts of the body. The rash can be itchy, red or swollen. It is caused by some type of irritant.

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