Fever & Rash Symptoms in Children


Fever and rash are common symptoms in children, and may be an indication of a developing infection or illness. Fortunately, these symptoms can usually be managed at home, though symptoms that worsen or persist may require medical treatment to avoid potentially life threatening complications.


  • Fevers in children can range from low grade (less than 100 F) to severe (over 103 F), and rashes might develop in a small area of the body or over most of the body, depending on the cause, per the Mayo Clinic.


  • A fever in children can be identified by using a digital thermometer in the mouth, armpit or rectum, or in the ear using a special thermometer. Rashes can be identified by visual examination of the skin and scalp. Fevers can cause irritability, lethargy and fatigue; whiles rashes can cause swelling and itchiness.

Time Frame

  • Children may develop a fever and rash either suddenly or gradually, and the symptoms may last for a few hours to a few days or longer.


  • Fevers and rashes in children are often early symptoms of a bacterial or viral infections, which may be contagious and spread to household members and other close contacts, per American Academy of Family Physicians.


  • A fever more than 100.4 F in a baby who is not yet three months old should be evaluated by a doctor, even if no rash is present, according to the Mayo Clinic.


  • Children with fevers who are at least six months old can be given acetaminophen or ibuprofen as recommended by a doctor, along with hydration and rest; rashes can often be treated with petroleum jelly, gentle lotions or warm baths.

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