What Plants Grow Well in Winter?

Those who garden hate to see the warm weather leave and an end to the season. Just because the temperature drops and the daylight hours start to lessen doesn't mean it is time to store the shovels and spades until March. Winter provides several opportunities for fresh planting.

  1. Kale

    • Kale is one of the most winter hardy vegetables available. The plants are so strong they have been known to come up through piles of snow. Kale is highly nutritious and very decorative in the vegetable garden.

    Brussels Sprouts

    • Brussels sprouts not only can survive frigid temperatures, the freezing weather actually improves their taste. Brussels sprouts that have been planted for winter harvesting have a sweeter taste than those harvested in the spring and summer.


    • Leeks have to survive frigid cold because their growing season is so long. For the best results, plant them in the early spring for an autumn harvest. However, leeks can survive the winter for a later crop.

    Overwintering Onions

    • These onions produce the largest bulbs. To get the best results make sure the ground is well fertilized. Plant the seeds in late September for a fantastic spring crop.

    Spring Cabbage

    • Spring cabbage is typically planted out in October for a spring crop. However, it will produce leaves that you can use throughout the winter months.

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