What Does TTY Stand for in Linux?


When you want to run a program on a Linux server, you connect an input device, open a terminal session and type commands. For the input device to communicate with the computer, it must have a device driver that translates the signals coming from it into information the computer can understand. The primary input devices for early computers were teletype machines. TTY is an abbreviation for teletype, but it now refers to any device that opens a physical or virtual terminal session. The driver that makes it possible to interact with the server is called the TTY driver.

TTY Drivers

  • There are three types of TTY drivers. The first is for the console, a special terminal session that receives messages from the operating system and has unrestricted privileges to control the server. The second is for a pseudo-terminal, which is typically a software program that pretends as if it were a hardware input device. The third type is called a serial driver, and it encompasses all other devices that open terminal sessions, such as serial devices, USB devices and some modems.

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