Is Lemon in Water a Good Diuretic?


Lemons have many excellent properties for good health and nutrition. They add a fresh acidity to food, are effective in beauty treatments and make excellent natural cleaning products. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into warm or hot water for an effective, natural diuretic.


  • Diuretics are used to treat high blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome and post-surgical swelling or edema, an accumulation of fluid in body tissues.


  • Using lemon as a diuretic aids in treating people with gout, arthritis, or rheumatism, because it helps to flush excess uric acid from their systems. Lemon also helps to cleanse the urinary tract and aids in healing urinary tract infections. Lemon eases sinus and upper respiratory congestion.


Fun Fact

  • According to the website World Wide Gourmet, lemons haven't always been in the limelight. "Catalan priests excommunicated the lemon, claiming that the devil had not succeeded in making it as round and perfect as the orange and that it had come from his hands as a deformed fruit."


  • Prolonged use of lemon as a diuretic may cause teeth enamel to erode. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with plain water after consuming lemon water. Check with your health care provider when starting any new treatment, particularly if you are on medication.

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