Scorpion Life Cycles


Scorpions are venomous arthropods that are part of the Arachnida class and are akin to spiders, ticks and mites. There are more than 1,000 different species of scorpions throughout the world.


  • Most scorpions are nocturnal and are indigenous to hot dry deserts. However, there are species that live in forests and caves and there is even a species that live in the colder climates of Asia.


  • The male starts the mating ritual by using his claws to grab the female by her claws to begin the courtship. The courtship varies by species.


  • Scorpions have a very long gestational period that ranges by species from several months to a year and a half.


  • The average female gives birth to 25 to 35 young scorpions. The babies climb onto the mother's back and stay there for usually a week or two.

Life Span

  • The average scorpion lives for three to five years, and there are some species that can live over 10 years.

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