Side Effects of Neo-Predef Powder


Manufactured by Zoetis, Neo-Predef with Tetracaine powder contains anesthetic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Used to treat skin and ear infections in canines, felines and equines, the medication has few side effects. Neo-Predef with Tetracaine powder requires a veterinary prescription.

Side Effects and Contraindications

  • The rare side effects of this medication occur if the animal is allergic or sensitive to key ingredients, including neomycin sulfate, tetracaine hydrochloride or isoflupredone acetate. An allergic reaction might result in skin itchiness or redness. Before prescribing the powder for ear infections, the vet must determine that there's been no rupture of the tympanic membrane. If the animal displays head-bobbing or appears uncoordinated, or if his hearing seems affected, discontinue use of the powder. Neo-Predef with Tetracaine powder should not be used on pregnant animals, as it has been linked to abortion and birth defects.

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