The Effects of Consuming Carrot Seeds


Carrot seeds contain oil, which is linked to many medicinal properties, therefore having several effects on the body. The effects of consuming carrot seeds can result in preventative measures against harm to the body and can even have beneficial internal effects.


  • Consuming carrot seeds helps fight bacteria, which can help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, respiratory system and urinary system. By the seed oil killing these bacteria, it can also help cure internal infections throughout the body.


  • Carrot seed oil stimulates the body's circulation and metabolism. It also stimulates hormone and enzyme production, as well as brain and nerve function.


  • Carrot seed oil is a natural diuretic, therefore consuming carrot seeds will increase urination. This can be a positive effect, as the carrot seed oil can help eliminate toxins through urine.


  • The oil found in carrot seed is a known natural antioxidant. Regular consumption of the seed can aid in the prevention of muscle damage, poor vision, joint pain, poor digestion and even graying hair.


  • Consuming carrot seeds can be beneficial in fighting some forms of cancer. The seeds show most effective against cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach and kidneys.

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