What Is Black Rice Good For?


There are four kinds of black rice: Chinese, Indonesian, forbidden and wild rice. Black rice, like brown rice, still has the husks covering the grain. Black rice is high in iron, bran fiber, amino acids and phytonutrients.

Purposes of Black Rice

  • It has a strong nut-like taste. It is commonly prepared as a dessert, such as, rice pudding with coconut milk or with other desserts, like fruit and rice syrup. When cooked, the rice water turns burgundy-purple and will dye any other food it is in the pot with it.

Chinese Black Rice

  • Chinese black rice has gluten in it. It is transformed into Chinese black rice noodles and Chinese black rice bread.

Indonesian Black Rice

  • Indonesian black rice does not have gluten, even though, it appears sticky when cooked. It is rich in anthocyanin, a blue-red, sweet pigment.

Forbidden Black Rice

  • Forbidden black rice was given the name because it was only consumed by the emperors and their choice subjects in ancient China. It has made its way into the United States and is popular among vegans and vegetarians for its high protein content.

Wild Black Rice

  • Wild black rice is the long grain rice you find in the United States. It is most commonly sold in flavored rice packages.

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  • Photo Credit "Rice Paddy in Madagascar - Frame 22A" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: World Resources Institute Staff (WRI Staff) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.
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