What Is in Earthgro Topsoil?


Earthgro topsoil is an organic product formulated for general use in home gardens. Its label provides information about its components.


  • According to its package, the product contains peat, forest products, compost, ash, and sand or native soil. These are quality components, but the use of peat is questionable by environmental standards, and the term "compost" refers to a process and a substance. (You must know what's been composted to know whether it is appropriate for your garden.)


  • The term "topsoil" is used loosely. Genuine topsoil is the naturally occurring product of centuries of decomposition and geologic phenomena. It's a rich medium treasured by farmers and gardeners. Genuine topsoil is in short supply, so manufacturers create topsoil products composed of some of the elements of natural topsoil.


  • Earthgro's Topsoil is for general use, such as filling holes, revising low areas in lawns and improving soil composition. It is not recommended for potting, as those soils are formulated to assist with moisture control and drainage.


  • The ideal source for topsoil is Mother Earth, but few urban gardeners are blessed with her finest soil. Gardeners can improve clay soil with compost, peat and gypsum, or sandy soil with compost, peat and forest products.


  • If managing the environment responsibly is a concern, avoid products containing peat. Peat develops slowly from decomposing plant material over centuries. Mining peat depletes the earth's supply and destroys natural habitats.

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