Chest & Jaw Pain


Combined chest and jaw pain can be cardiac related and may indicate a heart attack. This type of pain originates in the chest area and radiates upwards to the left jaw. Chest pain that does not radiate to the jaw is less ominous.


  • Features of chest and jaw pain can include severe, crushing chest pain or a deep pressure within the chest that radiates up to the left jaw. The pain can cause extreme anxiety and be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sweating.


  • If you experience chest and jaw pain, immediately seek emergency medical attention. If the pain is related to a heart attack, prompt treatment will offer a better prognosis and chance of survival.


  • You need to have the cause of your chest and jaw pain identified by a physician through a variety of tests including blood tests, electrocardiograms and x-rays. Self-diagnosis could be life threatening.


  • Chest and jaw pain can't be prevented, but you can take measures to ensure a healthy heart and lifestyle, including eating healthfully, not smoking, monitoring your blood pressure and cholesterol, and taking prescribed medications. Regular check- ups are important in early detection and treatment of medical conditions.


  • Usually only left chest and jaw pain are heart related, but right-sided chest and jaw pain sometimes can indicate heart problems, as well.

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