Why Is the Skin Peeling Off My Feet?


Dry, peeling skin on the feet can be more than a minor cosmetic annoyance. It can itch, burn and bleed. Dry, peeling skin can be a sign of a more serious disorder.

Dry Skin

  • Dry skin can exist as a condition of its own. As dry skin attempts to slough off quickly, peeling can result. Treatment can include exfoliation and a high-grade moisturizer applied to the skin.

Athlete's Foot

  • Athlete's foot is a layman's term for tinea pedis, which is a fungal infection of the skin on the feet. Treatment is generally through topical cream applied to the skin of the foot, though prescription oral medications are now being used to treat the infection.


  • Excessive perspiration while wearing shoes can cause peeling of the feet. Rubbing in wet socks and in a hot environment such as poorly ventilated shoes can cause overheating, blisters and peeling.

Kawasaki Disease

  • Kawasaki disease is a serious condition that affects young children. Peeling feet and hands are accompanied by fever, rash, and swollen lips and lymph glands in the neck. The disease isn't commonly fatal but should be diagnosed by a physician immediately.

See a Doctor

  • See a doctor if peeling is sudden or severe, involving bleeding or infection.

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