Truvia Side Effects


Truvia is a sweetener that is made from Stevia. Truvia is marketed as a natural sweetener, but there have been some side effects associated with its use.


  • Truvia is made from the Stevia plant. Cargill, the company that manufactures Truvia and it's counterpart Rebiana, states that these products are made with the sweetest parts of the Stevia leaves. This makes these products about 200 times sweeter than sugar.


  • Truvia is a relatively new product, but is available in packet form. It has not yet been added to sodas and foods. Truvia users feel that it has a good, sweet taste, but some users felt it had a "minty" aftertaste. This is perhaps due to the sugar alcohols that are in this product.


  • The most common side effects from Truvia use have been gastrointestinal. When used in large quantities, Truvia may cause gas, bloating, hard stools and constipation. Some users reported extreme carbohydrate cravings after using Truvia.


  • There have been reports of headaches and fatigue associated with Truvia use. Allergic reactions to the Stevia plant are also possible.


  • Consult your doctor if you have any negative side effects from Truvia. This is especially important if you have any of the following symptoms after using this product. These symptoms include, hives, rash, wheezing or difficulty breathing.

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