What Does a Louisiana Birth Certificate Look Like?

Birth certificates issued in the state of Louisiana are not significantly different from those issued in other states. They contain information about the birth and information about the parents.

  1. Types

    • There are two types of birth records in Louisiana. The short-form, or birth card, and the long-form.

    Information Included

    • Birth cards only include the date and parish of birth, father's initials, mother's last name and first initial, and the file and issue date. The long-forms also include the hospital of birth, mother's residence at the time of birth, mother and father's full names, parent's place of birth, the race of the parents and the age of the parents at the time of birth.


    • In addition to the basic birth information, the long-form Louisiana birth certificate includes the signatures of one of the parents, the birth attendant, the local registrar, the state registrar and the state health officer.


    • Both the Louisiana birth card and the long-form birth certificate are certified records of birth and can be used as such. Both feature a raised seal.


    • Louisiana birth records over 100-years-old are kept in the Louisiana State Archives, maintained by the Louisiana secretary of state's office.

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