The Advantages of Internet in Education

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The Internet offers a world of information in one place. It is a helpful tool in communicating and researching all different subjects. It is also a great way for students to use computers with proper supervision. Yet using the Internet in an educational system can be controversial.

Some of the disadvantages include students giving out too much information about themselves, sites too commercialized with little educational value, and access to material that parents might not want their children exposed to. However, teachers and students have seen many benefits.

  1. Communication

    • The Internet helps students develop their computer skills. It can also help students with their writing skills. In some forms, the Internet can help students with critical thinking skills. Students are faced with more information than they could ever use or need. This requires them to sort through the information and decide what is most important and relevant.

      With e-mail, students can have contact with other students around the world studying the same things they are.

    School Projects and Homework

    • The Internet can be a huge source for children trying to look up information for a school project or do homework. It also eliminates barriers for handicapped students who may have trouble getting to a library. It allows all students to have access to information whether or not their family has a set of encyclopedias.


    • The Internet allows students to read the latest news of a certain subject they are studying. If they are studying American politics they can do a news search and find out what is happening in the world of politics at that very moment. This can help them connect what they are learning to the real world. It can also keep them interested in a subject. Students may have longer attention spans with technology than with other forms of traditional learning.

    Student's Future

    • Students will have to use the computer for research in college, in their jobs and their everyday lives. The Internet is a way of life for almost everyone now. Using it in a classroom is one of the best and safest ways to help them learn about this tool.

    Benefits for Teachers

    • The Internet is an added bonus for teachers looking for more information on subjects. It allows them to efficiently communicate with parents and other teachers through email. Teachers can have their own class pages that parents can check at their convenience to see what is going on in the classroom.

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