About Neuropathy


Neuropathy is a nerve disease which occurs when the nerves do not receive the proper amount of oxygen. Without oxygen the nerves go to sleep. Numbing sensation and shooting pain are associated with neuropathy. Neuropathy treatment may involve prescription drugs or electric therapy.


  • Neuropathy is diagnosed through physical examination and neurological testing. EEG test and spinal tap are common neurological tests used to check for neuropathy.


  • Numbness, muscle spasms and cramps are common symptoms of neuropathy. Other symptoms may include balance and coordination problems.

Risk Factors

  • Neuropathy is most common among senior citizens and diabetics. Other nerve diseases, like entrapment and laceration, can put you at greater risk of neuropathy.


  • Prescription drugs have been used for years as neuropathy treatment. Electric therapy, a therapy method that uses electrical signals to stimulate sleeping nerves, has effectively been used to treat neuropathy without causing side effects.


  • Neuropathy can develop over long or short periods of time. The nerve disease can lead to other conditions such as abnormal blood pressure, constipation and sexual dysfunction.

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