Foods That Make Psoriasis Worse


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder accompanied by inflammation both inside the body and on the skin. Once an outbreak occurs in individuals genetically susceptible to psoriasis, future outbreaks can occur. While foods don't actually cause psoriasis, certain foods make psoriasis worse.

Psoriasis and Red Meat

  • Red meat is believed to aggravate psoriasis. Limit your red meat consumption to once per week or less.

Psoriasis and Dairy

  • Dairy products can aggravate psoriasis in many individuals by interfering with digestion and decreasing immune function. Don't consume large amounts of milk, cheese or yogurt.

Avoid Alcohol

  • Individuals who have psoriasis should avoid alcohol since it's believed to make psoriasis worse. Alcohol can also interfere with and lessen the effectiveness of conventional psoriasis treatments.

Kinesthetic Testing

  • Almost any food can aggravate psoriasis if you have poor digestion. Have a chiropractor conduct kinesthetic testing to determine if you have any food sensitivities. The chiropractor will place a specific food on your tongue and test your reflexes. You will exhibit noticeable muscle weakness and decreased weakness if you have a sensitivity to a specific food. Eliminate any foods that are identified as problematic and see if your psoriasis improves.


  • Have a food antibody test done to determine which, if any, foods might be contributing to your psoriasis. Eliminate those foods identified as potential triggers and reintroduce them gradually one at a time. Note any changes in your psoriasis as you gradually reintroduce the foods.

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