Lower Abdominal Hernia Symptoms


A lower abdominal hernia is referred to as inguinal hernia. A hernia occurs when a portion of the intestine pokes through a tear or weak area of the abdominal wall. An inguinal hernia may not produce any symptoms or it may be terribly painful. Men are more likely to develop the condition.


  • An inguinal hernia is most noticeable when a person coughs or is standing. It may appear as a bulge in the lower abdominal area.


  • Inguinal hernias are usually located beside the pubic bone.


  • The hernia may produce a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdominal region. Hernias may also cause pain. Men may have swelling in the scrotum.


  • If a person has a hernia and develops fever, nausea and vomiting, he should seek medical attention immediately. If the bulge is dark red or purple, medical attention is necessary. These symptoms may indicate that the hernia has became incarcerated, meaning it is stuck in the scrotum or groin and cannot be worked back into the abdomen. An incarcerated hernia could lead to a strangulated hernia, which compromises blood flow to the small intestine.


  • Small or symptomless hernias may be left alone. Larger hernias that are causing bothersome symptoms will require surgical intervention.

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