Menopause & Neck Pain


As women approach menopause, estrogen levels significantly decrease, potentially causing arthritis and osteoporosis. Loss of estrogen causes joint, bone and muscular pain, which is why some women experience neck pain.


  • Menopause and neck pain is a condition caused by advancing age and estrogen deficiency. Menopausal cervical pain presents with limitation in mobility, stiffness, deep aching and sometimes electric-like sharp pain.


  • Menopause and neck pain is frequently the result of osteoarthritis, which can cause bone deformity and destruction. Menopausal arthritis is also seen in the spine, fingers, hips and knees.


  • Menopause and neck pain is a significant symptom because it can signal osteoporosis, which can be disabling. Prompt medical intervention and diagnosis can manage this condition.


  • Neck pain is not especially common in menopausal women. There is no known prevention for this condition; however, medical intervention with calcium and vitamin D supplementation can often slow the progression. Analgesics, physical therapy and mild exercise can manage neck pain.


  • Menopause and neck pain can occur during perimenopause, the time prior to the onset of menopause, and is progressive. Early medical intervention can delay its development; however, it cannot halt the course of arthritis and osteoporosis. Effective treatments are available and should be discussed with a physician.

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