Definitions of Pig Body Parts


Pigs are a versatile animal. You may raise them for food, house or farm pets or breeding. Therefore pigs have body parts related to both anatomy and for food.


  • The pig’s head contains ears, eyes and neck. Their nose is called a snout. Below the snout is the jowl. The chin bone is part of the neck bone located between the shoulder blades.


  • The forearm is part of the front leg above the knee. The leg also has a knee, toes and pastern. The pastern is above the toes. The joint in the back leg that bends is called a hock.


  • The shoulder is the top of the back above the legs. The elbow pocket is above the forearm behind the shoulder.


  • Pigs have a back, sides and belly. The top of the back is the loin. Fore flank or fore rib is the belly area behind the front legs.


  • The top area above the back legs is called the rump, which has a tail behind it. Below the rump is ham. Behind the ribs approaching the back legs is called the rear flank. Behind the rear flank directly before the back leg is the stifle joint and muscle.

Meat Cuts

  • Behind the head on the top front part of body is the blade shoulder. Below the blade shoulder is the arm shoulder. The top part of the pig’s torso is called the loin. Under the loin in front are the spare ribs. The belly section behind the ribs is called the side. The back leg area is the ham.

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