Signs & Symptoms of Female Heart Attack

Research demonstrates that the signs and symptoms of a female heart attack differ from those experienced by men. A great deal more has been written about male heart attack symptoms. Therefore, it is important for people to better understand female heart attack signs and symptoms.

  1. Shortness of Breath

    • Shortness of breath is a common heart attack sign in women. According to Nieca Goldberg writing in The Women's Healthy Heart Program, nearly 60 percent of women who suffer heart attacks experience that symptom.


    • More than 50 percent of women experience an unusual weakness when suffering a heart attack, according to a study reported in Circulation Journal in 2003.

    Dizziness and Nausea

    • Women also report dizziness and nausea when experiencing heart attacks.

    Chest Pain

    • Unlike males who commonly report chest pain when having heart attacks, this type of discomfort is not common among female patients.


    • Heart attacks in women oftentimes are misdiagnosed as being some sort of gastrointestinal issue.

    Failure to Seek Prompt Treatment

    • Because many women do not realize they are experiencing heart attacks, they fail to seek prompt medical attention.

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