Concord Grape Diseases

Like all varieties of grapes, the popular American variety Concord grapes are vulnerable to several types of fungal diseases and viruses. Their vulnerability varies from one type of fungus to another.

  1. The Concord Grape

    • Concord grapes are usually purple or dark blue, and their skins are easily removed from the fruit inside. Concord grapes have a strong aroma, which makes them popular for use in grape juice, jelly and candy. It is named for the Massachusetts town where it was first developed.

    Black Rot

    • One of the most dangerous fungal diseases for Concord grapes is black rot. This fungus causes round, reddish brown spots on the leaves of the grapevine in early summer. By late summer, the black rot attacks the grapes themselves, causing them to shrivel. A fungicide spray can prevent the disease.


    • Phomopis is another fungal disease that Concord Grapes are very susceptible to developing. It first appears as small dead spots on the leaves of the vine. As the growing season continues, brown or purple lesions appears on almost all parts of the grapevine. When harvested, many of the grapes simply fall off and are lost.

    Less Dangerous Fungal Disease

    • Concord grapes are less susceptible to other fungal grape diseases, such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis. However, infections can happen. General fungicide treatments can protect against these diseases.


    • Peach rosette mosaic virus can infect Concord grapes. It usually makes infected vines grow crookedly, giving them an umbrella shape. The leaves also look distorted, and the grapes will burst from their shells.


    • There are many different kinds of fungicides for protecting Concord grapes from disease. Growers should avoid any that contain sulfur because sulfur is highly toxic to Concord grapes and many other American varieties.

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