What Do Baby Bull Frogs Eat?


The American bullfrog is not a picky eater. Most bullfrogs will eat anything that moves and will fit in their mouth. Aquatic creatures, the bullfrog will live in both water and in marshes. With their strong legs, the bull frog can leap quite a distance to catch their prey.


Meal and wax worms are eaten by frogs and fish alike. The small size of the worms makes for an easy meal for the baby bullfrog.


Insects, especially crickets, are good sources of protein and small enough to make a good meal for the baby bullfrog. Since the insects being fed to the captured baby bullfrog are normally alive, this makes for an ideal simulation of life in the wild.


When the baby bullfrog gets slightly larger it will begin to eat small mammals. Pinky mice are infant mice that do not yet have hair and small enough for a baby bullfrog to eat.


Small fish are another staple of a baby bullfrog's diet. Guppies are one of the first fish a bullfrog will catch as they are small and normally near the surface of the water.


Frogs are cannibals. Baby bullfrogs of different sizes need to be kept apart as to not have the larger frog feeding on the smaller frog.

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