Daily Requirements for Fruit & Vegetable Products

For our bodies to work in the proper way, we need to consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables. The United States Department of Agriculture has established a daily requirements guideline to ensure we have the right nutrients.

  1. Function

    • The USDA and National Institutes of Health are organizations that function to "advance and promote dietary guidance for all Americans and extend healthy life and reduce the burdens of illness and disability".


    • Choose from fruit that is canned, fresh, frozen or dried fruits when doing your grocery shopping. The USDA recommends that you concentrate on vegetables that are dark green or orange and leafy.


    • While the USDA illustrates the daily requirements of fruits and vegetables as a pyramid, the National Institutes of Health provides a consumption recommendation for each item.


    • The USDA and NIH agree that consuming the right amount fruits and vegetables is critical to promoting good health because they are low fat or nonfat foods that contain key vitamins and minerals. Plant phytosterols can also help your body control its levels of potentially harmful cholesterol.


    • On average the NIH recommends about 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables per day for an inactive male and 1.5 cups of fruits and 2.5 cups of vegetables per day for an inactive female. Those who exercise or have physical jobs should eat more.

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