Body Parts of a Chameleon


Chameleons are known for their distinguishing body features, and while different species of chameleons have differences in body structure, there are features they all have in common.


  • Chameleons vary in head shape, body length, crests and overall size.


  • Chameleons are known in the reptile world for their very long tongues. These tongues often measure longer than the animal's own body length.


  • The foot of a chameleon has five toes that are arranged into two groups, one of three toes and one of two. This allows them to better climb and grasp tree branches.


  • The interesting thing about a chameleon is that they lack ear structures. Many scientists believe them to be deaf, but they may have capabilities to feel sound vibrations.


  • A chameleon can rotate its eyes separately, allowing it to look in opposite directions at the same time. The eyelids are also joined, and chameleons often seem to be squinting through them.


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