Positive & Negative Effects of Ecotourism

Over the last several years the ecotourism industry has become very popular. Ecotourism is when you are able to experience a unique culture and enjoy the natural wonders of the environment. This provides tourists with that one of a kind experience. However, there have been both positive and negative effects.

  1. You Can Experience a New Way of Life

    • With ecotourism you are are able to experience new culture and traditions. During vacations tourists experience being able to live outdoors and enjoy local customs. This helps them to gain an understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

    You Learn How to Live Environmentally Friendly

    • As an ecotourist you will be able to learn how to balance daily life while supporting the environment. This is the basic idea of ecotourism. You can learn the fine line that exists between the two to become more environmentally balanced.

    It Benefits the Local Economy

    • As ecotourism increases, communities involved in this industry will see a boost to the local economy. The money spent by tourists will help increase the overall profits of local businesses and spur demand for a variety of services, helping to provide jobs.

    It Destroys Nature

    • When tourism increases anywhere it means that there will be an expansion of infrastructure to accommodate the increase in demand for different resources. This causes many parts of the natural environment to be destroyed to make room for hotels, restaurants and other structures.

    You Are Destroying a Way of Life

    • While ecotourism is taking place the overall way of life within the communities is being destroyed. Many times native people will be exploited for cheap labor and they abandon their previous way of life because of the lure of the modern world.

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