Estrogen Dominance & Joint Pain


Joint pain is one of the lesser known symptoms of menopause. It is caused be a condition called estrogen dominance. This condition is characterized by elevated levels of estrogen in the blood.


  • Pain and stiffness in major joints such as the hands, knees, back and hips are common. These symptoms are often mistaken as early signs of arthritis or osteoporosis.


  • Estrogen dominance can be caused by impaired liver function due to overuse of alcohol and pain relievers. Environmental factors may play a part. Chlorine and hormones found in some meat and dairy products are known to have an effect on estrogen levels.


  • Perimenopause can trigger many different conditions that involve joint pain. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have been known to surface at the onset of menopause or perimenopause. Consult with a rheumatologist.


  • Staying active and exercising regularly are excellent ways to relieve symptoms. Maintaining a healthy diet high in fiber may help balance estrogen levels. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful for relief of minor pain.


  • Too much estrogen for one who does not need it can cause many side effects--some mild, some more serious. A blood test is the only way to know if estrogen levels are out of balance.

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