Airborne Side Effects


Airborne was first developed by a school teacher who was tired of getting sick from colds going around the classroom. Airborne is designed to be used at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms or before entering crowded places such as airplanes, large arenas or other likely germ infested places.

Toxic Effects on the Liver

  • Since Airborne is formulated with vitamin A, if it is taken more than two to three times per day, the body will take in an overdose of vitamin A that can cause damage to the liver.

Upset Stomach

  • Some users have reported upset stomach, but it seems to subside if the Airborne is taken along with food.

Cold Symptoms Persist and/or Get Worse

  • Some users have reported that it didn't prevent them from getting sick and some people even thought it made their colds worse than usual.


  • Airborne is loaded with vitamin C along with a few other vitamins and minerals. It is suggested to cease taking a regular multivitamin while Airborne is being used so as not to overdose on vitamins that can lead to some people having diarrhea.

Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth

  • Airborne does leave a bad taste in the mouth, according to some of its users. This is probably because of all of the vitamins in the product.

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