Facts About Emerald Tree Boa


Emerald tree boas are arboreal (tree-dwelling) constrictors found in South America. These nocturnal snakes are brightly colored, making them popular in zoos and among pet owners.

Emerald Tree Boa.
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Emerald tree boas are easily identified by their bright green coloration (though young snakes are brownish in color) and the white bands that appear along their bodies. These snakes can reach more than 6 feet in length.

Emerald Tree Boas are bright green.
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The emerald tree boa makes its home in the Amazon Basin of northern South America. This species is adapted to the rain forest environments along the Amazon River and is found nowhere else on Earth.

Amazon Rainforest.
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The diet of emerald tree boas consists of mammals (mostly rodents and marsupials) and reptiles. Occasionally, they have also been known to eat small birds.

Rodent outdoors.
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Because emerald tree boas feed primarily on small mammals, they are essential for keeping the rodent population in check. They also provide a food source for guianan crested eagles.

Crest Eagle.
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Though many people think of baby snakes hatching from eggs, emerald tree boas give birth to live young.

Emerald Tree Boa in tree.
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