Difference Between California King Comforter & Regular King


King size comforters and beds come in two sizes, California and regular. It is important to understand what size king bed you own so you can purchase a correctly sized comforter.


  • A California king comforter is designed to fit a California king bed, which measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. A regular king comforter is designed to fit a regular king bed, which measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Regular King Benefits

  • Regular king is a more common bed size than California king, so there will be a larger variety of king size comforters to choose from. You can also use a regular king size comforter to cover two twin size beds.


  • Comforters are available in fitted and unfitted styles. Fitted comforters are tailored to snugly follow the contours of the bed and will have seams at the two bottom corners. Unfitted comforters are styled like blankets and drape over the bottom corners of the bed.


  • A regular king size unfitted comforter can be used on a California king bed if necessary. Fold over the top of the sheets at the head of the bed to disguise the fact that the comforter does not reach all the way to the headboard.


  • The size difference between a California and regular king bed is difficult to discern with the naked eye, so always measure. Also, a regular king is sometimes referred to as an Eastern king.


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