What Does "Fierce" Mean?


"Fierce" is a word that can mean many different things in different situations, especially when the word is used creatively. Usually, however, you can figure out the meaning of the word "fierce" from context.


  • "Fierce" is used to describe hostile, aggressive behavior. For instance, grabbing someone fiercely or in a ferocious manner, suggests a sudden, forceful grabbing. Ferocious is a synonym of fierce.


  • "Fierce" may indicate that something is intense or has a lot of energy and is difficult to control. Weather that is described as fierce is weather that is inclement. For example: There were fierce gusts of hurricane-force winds. Fierce rain fell during the storm.

Violent in Force

  • Fierceness or ferocity may indicate a tendency toward violent behavior. For example: He has a fierce temper and has been known to lose control and pick fights with others.

Furious or Persistent

  • "Fierce" can mean furious or persistent. For instance, a fierce competition is a competition that will not let up, such as in this example: In the last leg of the track race, every time Jones pulled ahead, Smith on Jones’ left and Williams on Jones’ right surged ahead, forcing Jones to push himself even more in this fierce race.

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