Information on the Skin Problems of Goats


A healthy goat has a shiny coat and loose, pliable skin that is free of irritation and sores. Keeping your eyes open for signs of common skin problems will help you more quickly discover and treat any skin problems your goat may have.


  • Tiny skin parasites that attack your goat by biting or sucking, lice produce irritation, rubbing and bald spots on your goat's skin. According to Jackie Nix, an extension agent with North Carolina Extension Services, goat lice infections occur more frequently during the winter.


  • Caused by microscopic mites that bite or burrow into your goat's skin, mange infestations usually appear first on the skin on your goat's face, ear, tail or leg areas, depending upon what type of mite caused the infection. Symptoms include crusty, itchy scabs and lesions that are often accompanied by hair loss.


  • If your goat develops a non-itchy, rounded bald spot of skin encircling a patch of hair anywhere on its body, then she most likely has ringworm, a fungal infection contagious to both humans and other goats.


  • According to JackMauldin.Com, laminitis occurs when the skin around your goat's hooves becomes inflamed and swollen, usually as a result of eating too much grain. Limping, lameness and sore feet are typical signs of this problem.


  • To successfully treat skin problems in goats, you must pinpoint the cause of the problem. Although you may be tempted to try to treat skin problems on your own, seeking the diagnosis of a licensed veterinarian will ensure you are providing the correct treatment.


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