Lady Bugs Habitat

The small beetles most people refer to as "ladybugs" or "ladybird beetles" are members of the Coccinellidae family of insects. There are more than 5,200 species worldwide, with more than 450 in North America alone.

  1. Geography

    • Ladybugs can be found all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica and the Arctic.


    • Ladybugs can survive in a variety of climates, from tropical forests to wetlands to temperate environments. While ladybugs can be found in colder climates, they go into a state of dormancy when the temperature falls too low.


    • Though ladybugs can live in many different habitats, one feature they all have in common is access to vegetation. Ladybugs make their home primarily on plants.

    Food Sources

    • Ladybugs eat small aphids and mites, and will live everywhere these food sources can be found.

    Fun Fact

    • Myths and legends about ladybugs exist across the world. In some cultures, having a ladybug in the house is considered to be good luck.

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