What Jobs Can You Get With a Degree in History?

Students interested in pursuing a degree in history may be surprised to learn that there are many jobs they can get with a history degree. Historians are well-suited for jobs ranging from teaching to politics, and many things in between.

  1. Teaching

    • Perhaps the most obvious job choice for a history major is teaching. You may need to supplement a degree in history with a degree or certificate in education. If you plan on continuing your history education and receive a doctorate, you may be able to teach in a college or university.

    Museum Jobs

    • Museum jobs for history majors may include being a curator or director. Museums also need employees to do research and manage archives.

    Park Ranger

    • The National Park Service hires park rangers to do historical interpretation at over 400 sites across the United States. Employment ranges from seasonal to permanent work.

    Intelligence Work

    • History graduates have research and analytical skills that are sought by government intelligence agencies such as the FBI and CIA.


    • Whether you work as a staffer for a U.S. Senator or Congressman, or have higher aspirations, a degree in history gives you the advantage of learning from the past.

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