Women's Rights in Present-Day America


American women have fought for their rights since the middle of the 19th century. American women now have more rights than women from other parts of the world. Understanding what these rights are makes it easier to appreciate them.

Inheritance and Ownership

  • Women in America have the right to inherit money, land and other property. Women can own property without a male relative's approval.


  • Education is a right that is granted to women in America. No woman can be denied the right to learn. This right includes elementary, high school and college education.


  • American women, if they choose to do so, are allowed to work outside of their homes. Women have a right to equal pay and equal opportunities in the workplace. A woman cannot be fired from her job because she becomes pregnant.


  • Voting and running for public office are rights that are given to American women. The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution formally codified women's rights to vote in 1920.


  • Freedom of religion is a right that is granted to women in America. Women can choose to worship however and whenever they choose.


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