Jade Plant Diseases


As a desert plant, the jade plant can withstand droughts quite well, but occasionally falls victim to disease. Although normally a hardy plant that can live for many years, bugs and over watering can lead to their death.


  • Two diseases can befall a jade plant, including oedema, where roots take up water faster than it can be used, and powdery mildew, the result of an overly-humid climate.


  • Oedema takes the form of small blisters on lower leaves, and powdery mildew is identified by spots with powdery coating on leaves.


  • Powdery mildew can sometimes be mistaken for dust on the leaves, but can be distinguished corrected by a microscope under the eye of a plant specialist.


  • Jade plants that succumb to disease will rot and eventually die if not properly treated.


  • Avoid over-watering jade plants to prevent stems from rotting, and remove them from areas with high humidity, such as greenhouses.


  • Photo Credit philipbouchard: flickr.com
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