Papaya Enzymes & Weight Loss


Papaya enzymes are good for digestive health, bad breath and gas. They contain vitamins A and C and are also a good source of potassium. Papaya enzymes are used to treat wounds, insect stings and bites, and also as a weight-loss supplement.


  • Papaya enzymes contain papain. Papain is used to break down and help digest meats and proteins. This is essential in a weight-loss regime.

Alpha Amylase and Protease

  • Papaya enzymes also contain alpha amylase and protease. These two enzymes help break down and digest starches, carbohydrates and proteins. They may also give a boost to metabolism.

Super Enzyme and Fiber Rich

  • Papaya enzymes act like a super enzyme. They not only break down proteins, carbohydrates, and starches, they also help digest fats, speed up metabolism and act as a weight-loss supplement. Papayas are rich in fiber. Fiber helps a person feel full and prevents constipation. Fiber rich foods are a must on any weight-loss diet or maintenance program.

How To Choose a Papaya

  • A ripe papaya will have turned from green to an orange/yellow color. It should be soft, yet somewhat firm. Pick a papaya with no visible spots or blemishes. The inside or flesh of a papaya should be bright orange with black seeds. Peel and slice like a melon.

Supplements or the Fruit

  • Papayas have a soft texture and taste somewhat like peaches and pineapples. They are delicious sliced and eaten as a snack. Tablets are also available in tasty chewable form or capsules.


  • Papaya enzymes will help the body break down and digest meats, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and starches. They may also speed up metabolism. While there is a correlation between weight loss and papaya enzymes, reducing calories and exercise are still optimal for weight loss.


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