Kangen Water Benefits


The word "Kangen" is derived from the Japanese language and means "return to the original." Kangen water is processed to its most natural state and has many health benefits.

In The Comfort of Your Home

  • The health benefits of alkaline water are well known in medical fields but can now be easily accessed. Kangen water can be made from a small machine that can be installed in your home. People recovering from dehydration, diabetes or other illnesses can effectively treat themselves with Kangen water.

Powerful Antioxidant

  • Kangen water carries a negative oxidizing reduction potential. This means it is a powerful antioxidant. By reducing the active oxygen in the water, you effectively apply brakes to the aging process.


  • Through the Kangen machine's electrolysis process, the water is made neutral. The pH range of Kangen water falls between 8.5 and 11. This is essentially alkaline, or neutral water.

Free Radicals

  • Through ionization, Kangen water eliminates free radicals, which are loose subatomic particles. These free radicals are linked to 70 percent of all harmful diseases and the aging process.

Active Hydrogen

  • Normally, the body uses calcium in the body to help eliminate free radicals. Kangen water eliminates free radicals with active hydrogen, leaving the calcium for healthy bones and weight loss.

Faster Hydration Rate

  • Kangen water hydrates cells much quicker than regular tap water. As a result of the electrolysis process, the water molecules are re-clustered in ways that naturally flush waste and rehydrate the cells at a faster rate.


  • Photo Credit Image Courtesy of Kangen Water USA
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