Soccer Baseball Rules


Soccer baseball, or kickball, is a children's playground game fusing baseball and soccer. The players kick the ball instead of swinging a bat to run around the bases and score a run.


  • Soccer baseball is played on a baseball or softball field. The boundaries for foul balls and home runs remain the same.


  • Each team must have a minimum of five players and a maximum of 11. There must be a pitcher, catcher, and first, second and third basemen. The remaining players evenly distribute themselves in the outfield.


  • The pitcher rolls the soccer ball toward home plate, while the batter from the other team attempts to kick it. When the batter kicks the ball, he runs as many bases as possible, just like baseball. If the batter misses the ball, he receives a strike. After three strikes, he is out and three outs are allowed before the teams switch fielding and batting.


  • If a player catches the ball in the air, the batter is out. If the player throws the ball to the base and tags the base before the batter can touch it, the batter is out so long as they are running to first base or forcefully running to second or third. If the batter is tagged with the ball while not standing on base, the batter is out. The fielders' objective is to get the batter/baserunner out by throwing, kicking or running it at them with the ball.


  • A run is scored every time a baserunner crosses home plate. Each game consists of nine innings.


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