Do Hot Tubs Need a Foundation?


You have done your research and purchased the correct hot tub for your needs. Now comes a decision almost as critical as the selection of the tub itself: where to put it? Site selection and preparation are critical, and mistakes can be costly as well as difficult to overcome.

How Much Does You Hot Tub Weigh?

  • The average hot tub will hold approximately 475 gallons of water. Water weighs 8.34 lbs. per gallon, which means your hot tub will weigh nearly 4,000 lbs.; that's 2 tons. Fortunately, this weight is spread evenly across the base of the tub, but with this amount of weight, careful site planning will still be required.

Site Selection

  • When selecting the site for your hot tub you will need to have a level area, access to electrical power and reasonable access to a water supply. If the area selected is not level, you will need to construct a level platform on which the hot tub can sit.

Hot Tub Support

  • The weight of the hot tub will be evenly dispersed across the platform on which it sits. It is critical this platform be level, or the weight will be off center and could void your warranty. The platform does not need to be made of concrete but must be of adequate strength to support nearly 3 tons of weight. (The weight of the tub, water and its occupants.)

Types Of Platforms/Foundations

  • A concrete slab offers a solid base for a hot tub but also offers the least mobility. A sturdy wooden deck can easily support the weight of the hot tub, and should it be necessary, can be moved much easier than a concrete slab. The hot tub should not be placed directly on the ground to prevent rust, rotting and potential settling.

Foundation Support

  • If pouring a concrete slab, make it at least 4 inches thick. If building a wooden deck, use wide concrete blocks at the base of your support columns. The broader the footprint of your support, the less likely you are to experience settling. Wooden columns placed directly on the soil will tend to sink under the weight and will also be subject to rotting.

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