Water on the Brain in Adults


Hydrocephalus is commonly referred to as "water on the brain." It is a literal description of what happens when fluid gathering in the brain is unable to drain. Hydrocephalus affects an adult's ability to move and recall stored knowledge efficiently.


  • Adults with hydrocephalus are generally born with normal brain function. Blockage can be the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, infections and even tumors that develop later in life.


  • Hydrocephalus in adults directly affects cognition skills, often causing confusion and slowed memory recall.


  • Adults with undiagnosed hydrocephalus gradually lose control of their bladder function.

Balancing Act

  • Hydrocephalus also influences mobility and balance, causing the affected person to teeter while walking.


  • Occasionally, symptoms of hydrocephalus go unnoticed for months and even years. In addition, it is hard to diagnose, because there is a tendency to confuse symptoms with those associated either Alzheimers or Parkinson's diseases.


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