Types of Rhinos


There are five separate rhinoceros species in the world, with all of them living in either Africa or southeast Asia. All of these rhinos face an uncertain future due to hunting, poaching and loss of habitat.

White Rhino

  • The white rhino is grayish brown--not white. It probably gets its name from the Dutch settlers in South Africa describing it as wide with their word "wijde."

Two Horns

  • White and black rhinos live in the eastern and southern parts of Africa on floodplains and wide open grasslands. Both types have two horns, with the front horn over the nose and mouth much larger than the back one.

Javan Rhino

  • The Javan rhino of Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia possesses a single horn and calls the swampy terrain and the rain forests of this region its home.

Sumatran Rhino

  • The Sumatran rhino--the smallest of these large mammals at 10 feet long and about 1,500 lbs.--is an herbivore like all other rhinos, subsisting on vegetation.

Indian Rhino

  • The Indian rhino features a broad mouth with a smallish prehensile lip that it employs to strip leaves from trees and shrubs. It is a one-horned variety like the Sumatran rhino and lives mostly in the jungles of northeastern India.


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